Pen Type-C

Created by cw&t

A titanium bookmark pen with a detachable clip. The kid sibling of Pen Type-A and Pen Type-B is finally here.

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500 sent, more coming soon!
11 days ago – Mon, Sep 09, 2019 at 10:26:47 PM

Hey there!

We hope all is well in your worlds. So far we've shipped 500 Pen Type-Cs and we're super happy to hear all of your feedback. Parts for the remaining ~3k pens should arrive in about a week or so for us to assemble and ship. You'll get an email with tracking once yours ships.

If you haven't received a survey, you should go to this link and use your kickstarter email to fill yours out :

All has been going boringly smoothly, we had a small snafu with the initial 500 pens where we weren't 100% happy with the finish from the manufacturer. We ended up refinishing them all in our studio with our glass bead blaster. To avoid repeating the finishing work for the remaining 3,000 or so, we've had a few back and forths with the manufacturer to get the finish right, and properly clean the parts. It's a surface finish thing, so kinda tricky to share photos of that. But we wanted to make sure the pens felt nice to touch :)

Here are some pics of the assembly process and parts. We've made a few custom jigs to assist with assembly also pictured below. One is a part to open the bent wire piece, another is a magnetic tip rig for a screwdriver head to assist with putting on the tiny screws for the clips and the 3rd is a jig for the custom laser engravings.

In assembly : Pen Type-C and wire springs.
Pen clips waiting for assembly
Custom 3d piece with integrated magnet to help screw assembly.
Lots of tiny screws.
Ink cartridges
More ink

Here's a video of our custom engraving jig.

Jig for custom engraving.

Look forward to getting these out to you as quickly as possible when we receive the remaining parts.


Taylor + Che-Wei

Lookout for backerkit surveys!
29 days ago – Thu, Aug 22, 2019 at 07:15:33 PM

We're getting ready to ship in the next couple of weeks.

Lookout for an email from BackerKit.

This email will contain a link to your survey. It is important to respond as quickly as possible, so we can fulfill your rewards.

Pen Type-C with custom engraving.

You will also be able to add a custom engraving to your Pen Type-C as a backerkit add-on, purchase more Pen Type-C's or other CW&T goodies at a special rate for Kickstarter supporters.

Pen Type-c with custom engraving CU

Our plan is to lock down surveys by Monday, August 27 (or as they are received). Yes, that's in just a few days.

Other notes

  • You do not need to create a BackerKit account to fill out your survey, just click on the survey link, fill it out, and you’re good to go!
  • This email does not contain a survey link, we'll send that in an email!
  • If you need to edit, revisit, check the status of your survey/pledge, you can access it at:
  • If you use your Facebook login for your Kickstarter account, the BackerKit survey will be sent to the email you used for your Facebook account. If you have another email address that you would prefer to use, please contact support at and we'll get you sorted out!

Sending love,

Che-Wei + Taylor

about 2 months ago – Sat, Aug 03, 2019 at 01:25:23 AM

We're gearing up for assembly!

We jumped the gun and got the production run going early. We already have 500 production pieces machined out of titanium. We're not 100% happy with the texture of the glass bead finish, so we're re-finishing them in house before sending them out.

Also just in : a few hundred clips.

Some custom screws to attach the clip.

10,000 bent wire pieces (because that's the minimum order quantity).    

And just today we got the Hi-Tec-C Coleto cartridges.

The final missing piece is the packaging, which we'll get in a couple weeks.

In the meantime, we'll be re-finishing the main titanium part and then assembling while we wait on packaging.

Stay tuned and follow us on IG for a glimpse of day-to-day happenings in studio. 

more soon!


Che-Wei + Taylor

🙌 x 1081
2 months ago – Fri, Jul 19, 2019 at 12:13:48 AM

Thank you so so sooo much for supporting this project! It feels amazing to see so many of you here, and so many familiar names. We are humbled.

It was a secret (albeit kinda arbitrary) goal to break 1K supporters for this project, and we did it! So thank you.

We're super excited to get these into your hands.

We jumped the gun and placed the PO a few weeks ago, more to come with production updates soon!

sending love and gratitude,

Che-Wei + Taylor

Packaging sketch sneak peak.
Packaging sketch sneak peak.

💥 We did it!
3 months ago – Wed, Jun 26, 2019 at 03:10:06 PM

That was fast!

Super excited to go into production!

Thank you all for your support (and repeated support for many of you!)